Using your holds

Tulip Grips

Using your holds

Once you've got your grips, how do you get the most out of them? 

Most of our holds are made from Tulipwood. It's got a lovely texture to climb on, and is great to work with so we can get the shapes we want. To get the most out of your holds and make sure you get to climb on them for a long time to come, you'll need to take care of them a bit: 

When you're fixing the holds to your wall use good quality 5mm screws. Make sure they are long enough that the screws pass all the way through the wood that you're attaching the holds to, so they're fixed securely. If you don't fix the holds to the wall properly, there's a chance they could spin, or pull free whilst you climb on them, so be really careful here. 

Tighten the screws until the hold is fixed firmly against the wall and there is no movement when you weight it. Don't over do it and drive the screw deep into the hold: this could damage the hold. If you do this a few times by re-setting you could put the hold out of action.  

Your holds might feel a little slick straight out of the box. If you brush a bit of chalk into them before you use them you'll find they have a tiny bit more grip, and after that they'll settle down in no time. 

None of our holds are designed to get wet, so you need to make sure wherever you're keeping them they stay dry. If they do get damp or moldy it could damage the holds and make them unsafe to climb on, and it'll definitely be a bit grim. 

An occasional, very light sanding with about 120grit sandpaper will help maintain the smooth texture of the holds, and keep them feeling good as new.